We are an estate agency where firmly believe in a new way to understand the sector. We try to speak the same language of our clients and feel real empathy to them. Above all, we are an honest, competent and clear company with our job, as well as with our fees and conditions.

We work to be your trustworthy estate agency where you can make your financial operations and solve any problem related to documentation or after sale service. In addition, if you need to rent the property, we count on a database to verify The Debtor’s List and the patrimonial solvency. 

We practice our job taking into account a few solid values:

  • Quality and competitiveness: we look for the excellence at the moment of developing our job and we make an effort to give you the best price.
  • Efficiency and profitability: we give you the best solution to the problems in to order to help properly to our clients. Mainly, we are a practical team and we avoid a complex way to solve those problems.
  • Transparency: we talk to our clients and we explain them every single move to make easier the comprehension of the process. In addition, we inform them beforehand of our rates and we make a tracking of our operations and notify them immediately.
  • Achievement of goals: we work to turn the problems and challenges of our clients into solutions and benefits. Getting NH Atlántico as your trustworthy estate agency means a profitable investment not an unnecessary expense.
  • Closeness and commitment: we are an estate agency designed for ordinary people. We are available to solve any doubt of our clients and we have the necessary experience and empathy to help them. In addition, we count on a juridical service in order to solve any inconvenience. In NH Atlántico, the client receives an excellent and personalized treatment.